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I am a wedding photographer, portrait photographer and family photographer.

My love for photography lies in capturing unique details and otherwise forgotten moments. My style is playful, adventurous, romantic and full of authenticity.  I started selling art prints on Etsy, in stores and at markets in 2014. After requests for portrait and wedding photography, I found my true passion: photographing people in beautiful outdoor locations. Since then I have had many loving couples, happy families and creative entrepreneurs in front of the camera.  

I am also a marketer. After more than ten years of doing marketing and sales for various small and large companies in tourism, I started my own business as a freelance marketing specialist at the beginning of 2023. Creating marketing strategy and creative content for adventurous and conscious entrepreneurs is my specialty.

I currently live near Groningen. Before this I lived in many different places, the longest in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada and the last few years in Nijmegen. As a nature lover and traveler, I spend a lot of time looking for the most beautiful places for my photo shoots. I would be happy to travel to your part of the country (or the world) to capture your beautiful moments or take you on as a marketing client.

I hope to meet you soon and create something beautiful together!

Tessa Manu Marketing
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